About Us

Welcome to Juvo Solutions

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the design, manufacture and wholesale distribution of assisted living products to service the healthcare and rehabilitation industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable unparalleled quality of life for the injured, aged and disabled as a leading innovative product provider.

Our Story

Since 2005, Juvo Solutions has built a solid, trusted reputation as a leading provider of assisted living products for the healthcare and rehabilitation industries.

It all started with a clear vision to provide a dignified, superior quality of life for the aged, injured and disabled through improved safety, hygiene and sense of wellbeing. We pride ourselves on our innovative solutions, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to healthcare. Our speciality is high-quality, stainless steel healthcare products, designed and manufactured for our Australian clients to feel comfortable and safe in care or at home, and to help maximise their independence and community involvement.

The Juvo mission is to facilitate the design, manufacture and supply of products from concept to reality with our clients’ and carer needs in mind. We take safety seriously, overseeing a stringent testing and quality assurance process from start to finish to ensure our products will stand the test of time.


The Juvo range incudes our innovative showering solution – the mobile shower commode chair, plus accessories and healthcare trolleys – all delivered to our clients through a dedicated network of distributors. With strategically placed distributors located throughout the world, you can be assured help is always close by.

We work closely with our distributors, clients and medical experts and as a result, have built a solid marketplace reputation founded on four key concepts: 

Innovation > Quality > Integrity > Support


Innovation: Economical, versatile products for all


We understand that no two people are the same and a ‘one size fits all’ approach to rehabilitation and healthcare simply doesn’t work. Juvo Solutions is driven by a desire to deliver an economical, versatile range of products to suit all requirements and can be easily modified by clients or carers. It is this approach which takes us far from the ‘Me Too’ manufacturing and innovation standards of many other providers.

Our 3 registered IPs with IP Australia are: 


  • 2016904064 – SHOWER COMMODE SEAT
  • 2015901624 – A COMMODE CHAIR
  • 2006201447 – MOVEABLE FOOTREST

Support: Keeping distributors up to date


Distributor support is a key focus. Using effective and consistent communication, we ensure our distributors are up-to-date with the entire Juvo range. This helps clients take advantage of the latest designs and ingenuity incorporated into the products they are using.

Juvo is committed to appropriate stock control to reduce lead times and decrease discomfort for our valued clients.


Quality: Products designed to ‘weather the storm’ and exceed standards


Juvo products are built tough and built to last. Our philosophy is to design and create long-lasting solutions to healthcare and rehabilitation through products to stand the test of time. Each quality product is designed to 'Weather the storm' of heavy usage without the usual deterioration. Juvo products are tested to meet stringent Australian and New Zealand Standards and, in some cases, exceed these required parameters.


Integrity: Uncompromised standards for unrivaled trust


Juvo’s solid reputation is the result of an uncompromised approach to integrity. It’s more than ‘talking the talk’. It’s ‘walking the walk’ and following ethical, sound business principles which are trusted by our distributors, staff, suppliers and clients. We strive to ensure these standards are never compromised.


Juvo is a supplier you can rely on to provide exceptional support and loyalty to our distributors. In turn, this support and loyalty is passed onto clients and carers who use the products, further cementing our reputation for integrity. The word ‘Juvo’ and Juvo logo are trademarked. 


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