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An Australian pioneer in cutting-edge healthcare equipment solutions with a worldwide reach.


Our heavy duty bariatric chairs are manufactured with high-quality materials and are made to support heavy weights.

Shower commode chairs are generally used by those who have difficulties standing up in the shower room.

JUVO’s Trolleys have a selection of functions in hospitals wards, clinics, surgical procedures, and some other healthcare centers.

Care of Sweden has developed a wide range of stable pillows and wedges that covers most needs for support and relief.

All of the following pressure relief products are manufactured by Care of Sweden. It aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

Who We Are

Our focus is on providing trusted health care innovations and solutions with an end goal of nurturing and supporting our valued clients. We seek to elevate Healthcare beyond global expectations by enabling superior focus on client needs.

Quality and innovation are the center of our DNA and we pride ourselves on producing strong, reliable and efficient products which promote well-being and exceptional healthcare.


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